Download the latest updates here :

03/11/2013 : Patch 1.2 to fix errors with the Desura version / patch 1.2 pour les erreurs avec la version Desura
- DOWNLOAD : Desura Runtime error Patch.rar
(fixes most errors you can meet in the Desura version)
This final patch should solve most issues.

01/20/2013 : Patch 1.1 for the original version / Patch 1.1 pour la version originale en anglais seulement
- DOWNLOAD : ASAr1.1_update.exe
(it is a minor update for the 1.0 version of ASA - direct-buy Paypal on the homepage)

01/21/2013 : Patch for Vista users who have errors / Patch pour utilisateurs de Vista qui ont des erreurs
- DOWNLOAD : Vista_patch.msi
(only for Windows Vista users who can't run the game)

generously provided by D. Meek.

01/25/2013 : Translation patch for french players / Patch de traduction pour les joueurs français
- DOWNLOAD : ASA_Patch_FR_1.1.exe
(traduction française / french translation)
cette mise à jour traduit les textes du jeu en français. La version anglaise complète doit être déjà présente sur votre ordinateur.

09/08/2013 : Translation patch for italian players / Patch di traduzione per i giocatori italiani
- DOWNLOAD : ASA_Patch_IT_1.1.exe
(traduzione italiana/ italian translation)
questo aggiornamento ha tradotto i testi del gioco in itaniano. La versione completa inglese deve essere già presente sul computer.

02/09/2013 : an help file that lists the most common issues / un fichier d'aide qui liste les problèmes les plus fréquents
- DOWNLOAD : Troubleshooting.rar
(english and french help files that list common issues and brings solutions)
I finally found some time to write an help file that lists the issues you can meet in ASA, and how to fix them. I'm sure it will be useful, so please download it here and have a look at it before trying to contact me ! Thanks !

02/11/2013 : full walkthrough / soluce complète
- DOWNLOAD : gameguide_ENG&FR.rar
(english and french doc files of the walkthrough/solution complète)
the walkthrough is already given with the game in the Bonus folder.

03/11/2013 : a package to customize your backup copies / un pack pour customiser vos copies de backup
- DOWNLOAD : Self-Publish_pack.rar
(a package with various DVD and CD stuff to personalize your backups)
Read expanations and see pictures here :