ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition

In 2057, an astronaut finds a strange Black Cube in Space, and is teleported
onto an mysterious spaceship called the Ark. You soon discover that he's not the
first astronaut from planet Terra to arrive here: Philip Forte lived through the
very same experience in 2011 and, fortunately, left a diary explaining his story.
With this help, you visit the Ark, with one single goal in mind: getting back home!
ASA: Remastered Edition is available on Steam and other stores!



The soundtrack of ASA was composed by Stélian Derenne. You can listen to it for free by streaming, or support him and purchase the whole OST.



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Black CubeASA is part of the Black Cube series. What is it?

The Black Cube series is a collection of Sci-Fi projects about the discovery of mysterious Cubes, at different times and in different places.


Catyph: The Kunci ExperimentCatyph, a spiritual sequel ?

Catyph is an all new game in the Black Cube series, developped using Visionaire Studio, with an all new story and improved graphics.


Simon Says: Watch! Play!About me

I'm an indie game dev and CG artist working from home as a freelancer. In 2013 I released ASA (original), and the story will not just stop here!

Simon Says: